Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It will be a New Year again for Gregorian calendar. It is really tiring for full schedule in my recent month. So much work to do. But I am not forgetting this blog. For time being, I am figuring some new templates or design for this blog, before I come full time on blogging. The era of busy-ness will come to end and I will have enough time to blog and design.

Today is my last scheduled preventive maintenance work in Marudi for this year. And I very grateful for the time to come to an end. Tomorrow will be the day to hand all the documents and I will be free, at least for a week before start a new project. But, what can I see, year to come, will be a new environment. A colleague has resign and I will be handling most of the documents again.

There will be a lot of sorting in and out, deleting old files and renewing my files format.  But, for sure, next year will be a lot of time in office. No new project, old project out mean no new business for us. No frequent travel and a boredom day will come.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It is really hectic end of year. I have been busy here and there. Maintenance works come all to my desk. Our staff resigned. I just dont understand, those maintenance work actually can be schedule and organize throughout the year but why to bundle all in this same end of year. Damn. I can see next month would be nothing to do. Why dont those job been scattered monthly so it wouldnt be so hectic end of years and every month got thing to do.
Season festival approaching and more staff will taken their leave. Every year will be like this. Every meeting will highlight the same issue. Meeting all the time but still without output to discover.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I like to share a knowledge which I always read or heard from lot of people, usually from noble and respectful person in religion. But I am no preacher and I am not going to give one. Just giving it as a knowledge to share. It also implies to all, human as well. To person, to people. Writing in blog, my personal blog would be almost to remind myself about it as well.
The saying :
  • The farthest thing is neither suns nor stars nor planets, but THE PAST. You'll never come to reach it back even you try so hard. Once done, it is done. Just beware what you say, about to say, what you do or will do.
  • The biggest thing in universe is not universe it self, nor mountain nor even the suns, but  TEMPTATION. Lust, greed, anger is not measure by tonne. Follow the temptation blindly will sin you, regret you. Think before doing things you might regret.
  • The heaviest things is not metals, not even the planet itself but RESPONSIBILITY. It is hard to bear by yourself. You are entrust to responsibilities and bond to it. It is really hard, but it must be done.
  • The lightest thing is not feather nor air, but FORGETTING DEED. It easy to ask help, once 'thank you' then forget people good deed. Forgetting God gift. Forgetting all the good deed people give. Be grateful.
  • The sharpest thing is not sword nor knife, but human TONGUE. Think before saying things.
  • Last but not least, the closest thing is not air you breath, not your parent you lived with but DEATH itself. It is anytime.
 Thats so for sharing. END.


Apa ada pada nama?  
What is there in a name? A simple question but leave a lot of meaning. For some people, names are really bears a lot of things and meanings. For some people, names is just a call for people. To differentiate people with another people. For tagging em so that wont be mistaken with other people. For me, a lot of thing can be find in names. Or just I let my mind free and wandering the beyond ideas of things in my mind. Like seeds of ideas I write before. 
My name is Ike Zulfikar. As I told before, my father gave me that name consists of two powerful president of different country and different eras. Ike, came from General Ike Eisenhower 34th US President in 50's, and Zulfikar for Pakistani President in 70's; Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. These names combined and named before me, Ike Zulfikar B Mohd Ali. Such beautiful and creative. I am proud of those name before..
Zulfikar is an Arabic name which mean 'have thought'. Zul mean 'have' and fikar mean 'thought'. In this term of word it mean that Ike Zulfikar is a person (Ike) who have thought. Ideas. In other hand, Zulfikar is also one important name in Muslim history. It is name of legendary sword of the prophet Muhammad. Given to Ali, a leader of Uhud Battle. Has killed the important enemies, fiercely by Ali. Given to his child then and carried to another battle that has won by the Muslim. Zulfikar has been a symbol of Muslim battle.Then what actually it has to do with me? I am another chapter of Zulfikar, which attached Ike to the name. We are not related directly. I am not related to General Ike either, not related to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and neither to the sword. 
I carried the big names in me and big responsible. My friends, colleagues and fellow families called me by name Ike all these years. My first name and I am not eager to use Zulfikar as I am not ready for it. I once told people that I saved the name to be written on my gravestone when I die and I have been laughed for it. Actually I dont care either what people think of me. For me, it is very heavy to carry the name (Zulfikar) with me. And even now, it really become important, because I let my daughter carries the name. Now it mean everything. There are lot of Zulfikar, but there will be only one Ike Zulfikar. Who bother to care. But my children will. 
You see, names can describe people, can describe the act of people. Hard to prove it, but yes. Names do impact to the person. Indirectly or directly. It is likes the early 'seeds' of ideas for the person who carries names. How he or she react upon his/her name. How people react to others name. How people think about names. That is what I experienced all these years carrying my name. It is called as first impression. Example : when you read my name, if it a formal thing, people would think of 'who is this guy' or 'weird name he has' or 'what a name' or 'his father is such creative' or 'maybe this person mixed with westerner' or such. But if I just use it in the internet, chat room or as a nick, people would think I just using a nick even I use a real name on board. See, impression is important after all. 
Names are use to differentiate people. And actions would define and differentiate names. What is there in a name? (apa ada pada nama?) Actually, it has it all in just a name. Your action, your reaction, your legacy is in your name. Just a thought, it is just a thought.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I love movies. I really do. Remember when I write about my interests, I wrote about books. I read books so many (in my childhood) and I really enjoy it. The thing is, book is fun except it really need attention to it. Your time, your focus. Time is priceless. No price can be tagged on time. And it go without stopping. Endless. There when I realize to adapt and improvise. Less read and more watching.
With movies, I can finish a story in 2 hours, 3 hours max. But with book, maybe about 4-5 hours. I guess, now I am a slow reader, which I think I can reach maximum of 10 hours a novel. It gross. Spending time with books can bore me and I dont think it reliable in my commitment anymore.Works and family of course. So yes, movie come handy then. You can pause, 15 minute watch, another minute works, on same screen with headphones, 8 hours working hours would be fun with some 10-15 minute breaks of movies. Its fun. You try, small screen, dual screen, minimizing just here and there, with your works. It is harmless.
It also like reading book but less imagining which they already imagine for you and describe it in action. Whats the matter is the script and the talking. Which will aspire, and moved you. I really love movie, watching them just fun. I think I cannot stop watching movies. 
If I am destine to be a movie review here in my blog, it also possible with my knowledge and experiences. hahaha Maybe, sometime I can review some good movies which I pick. For your information, I watch downloaded movies. Low quality but I really enjoy them. If the movie so good, with great reviews by media and good comments by movie fan and good actors, I will go out movie day with my wife. 
I remember days when movies are not as downloadable as nowadays, I used to watch movies with my friends. Rain or night is not a obstacle. Riding our motorcycle about 50km from our university to nearest cineplex wouldnt be any hard. When it is Wednesday, it is a movie day. Lets go for movie. haha. Good old time.

Here some of my favourite movie : Pireate of Carribean Franchise, Swordfish, The Matrix Trilogy, Lord of the Ring, Snatch, Lock Stock n 2 Smoking Barrels, Shooter, Body of Lies, Blood Diamond, Inception, Bourne Trilogy, Rockarolla, Inglorious Basterd, Inkheart, Saw Franchise, IronMan 1&2, XMEN Franchise, Transformer 1&2, IP Man 1&2,  Book Of Eli, Shutter Island, Smoking Aces 1&2, Ice Age 1-3, Losers, ATeam, Salt, Gamers, Predator all ..
A lot from Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Cage, Denzel Washington,
Lot of comedies The Killer, School of Rock, The Rockers, By Adam Sandler, By Jack Black, By Rob Schneider, Will Ferrel, Chris Rock..
bla bla bla.. maybe next time I review one or two.


There is many ideas planted in your mind as it grow, sometimes wild, spread like seeds. When you are a kid, a child, you are ambitious to learn the world, the ideas, the concept how the world works. How things happen, how action taken, how to do that and this, etc. A lot of things has been planted to your mind since then. Since you go to school, since you ambitious to know more about your live.

You see, the teachers that teaches us in school actually doesnt really know on how doing it, I mean, he or she planting the ideas into you to become an engineer, but yet he or she doesnt really know how the feeling to be one. He or she just plating the ideas into your mind, just to let you know how cool to be one. It is the ideas that brought up your living up to this chapter of your life. 

Also goes to the motivator; motivation speaker, that speak out bout being rich and millionaires. Some of them are not what they said. I see lot of motivation school or talks or speakers or what we called it now, and I see some dishonesty about what they said. They read through text. They read and picks old saying. Some famous, some exaggerated, and some overwhelming. Are these men and women right? They just saying it, saying what you already know and saying what you want to hear. These men and women are also the idea planter. They plant ideas. But yet, they also dont know how the seed will grow.

The ideas come through your subconscious, where you dont really know when actually it coming to you. But with a correct 'fertilizer' , water and soils, it will bloom and blossom. How you get this ideas? That is where you need a teacher. Someone that plant the ideas at the first place. Come to another teacher to learn about another seeds of ideas. It is just a share of thought.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


   One of my interests is FOOTBALL. For sure, as a boy in my place, football is a must. If you not playing it on field, you play it on screen. And if not, you just watch the world footbal. EPL, La Liga, Series A, Bundesliga and all. You will sometime lost in conversation if you not up to football. Boys, men will talk about what game last nite, or last week or their favourite team. And that is for sure. Even if you want to make friend to someone, football also can connecting you.
  I play football just for fun. I never join any tournament held in my present. For now, maybe I seldom play football but I changed to futsal. Also for fun and never intent to play in tournament. Before futsal famous like today, there another form of small pitch footbal called street soccer. When I am in matriculation, I ever played for team called Flamengo Merah Jambu (Pink Flamengo) just to mock Gagak Itam (Black Crow) team. And what surprise is, WE WON CHAMPION. Frankly speaking, in final match I was benched of injury with another 2 players. Because 3 players injured from a 7-players team, we run out of substitute. We actually cannot play the final with only 4 players. But then, I ask the organizer just to let us find one player to add in our team. Luckily, I just need to pay new member  fee as for additional team member in final.
    My favourite team in EPL is Manchester United. Here in Miri, there are quite a number of Man Utd fan. As I said before, Even if you want to make friends, you can just open up your perspective, your view then people would response. I maybe not a die-hard fan, I just stand a side to one particular team so the result may responses. But for these years, United never failed to entertain us here. There is one cafe which we fellow United fan would gather sit and watch matches. And when our team scores, all of us stand up and shout. Such a feeling to support our thousands of miles team hahha.. so naive but yet entertaining. ;p



Friday, October 29, 2010


    I work on 15th when my wife called me that she feels numbers of contractions. I finished my job and try to return as soon as possible. Luckily I works with peoples who understands my position and condition. Thanks for my colleagues and vendors. I gave the task for next days to my vendors and explain everything  what he need to do. Calmly but nervous before I rushed home. I brought my wife to Dr Teo Clinic, a gynae doctor in town. 
    Dr Teo pamper with words and he confirmed that the contraction is just a false alarm. He asks us to come again tomorrow to check again or if the amniotic fluid breaks. So then we return home, relaxing. No sign of any birth pain. A bit nervous but still controllable. Next morning, again we meet Dr Teo and ask for consultation. He said to check-in his ward at 5 pm onwards and bring cloths and any needs because the time is near. 
    We checked-in our ward that afternoon at 6 or 7 pm on 16th Oct. I told my wife, it would be great if she deliver today on my birthday. It would be a celebration two in one day, a present for me. She just smile. After nurses examined my wife we been left. Every half and hour they come and examine. Every hours come so near to the time. At 2:30 am 17th Oct 2008, the time has come. I followed them inside. What can  I only do inside the labor room is, holding my wife hands and said what ever she want to hear. Actually I dont know what to do and what to feel. It pretty messed up. huhuhu... Then Ain Naima Sufia born on 2:42am. 


Thursday, October 28, 2010


   I am a technician with a title of Customer Support Engineer to make it sound cool. I have been 5 years in this field occur me a title Senior or Senor (ahaks). My works is to maintain my clients or customers online. Which mean if anything happen to their system, the person they should called is me. Mostly hardware problem will come to be. Software problem can be fixed by remote. 

   What interesting in my works is, I travels.  

  I always feel dizzy and uneasy in Twin-Otter flight but they fly low and you can capture lot of aerial view. I always feel sick even on 15 minutes flight. The sound, the air, the turbulence, it is just imbalance.

   There goes by land. Long Lama and Belaga is such deep in the jungle. See the rainforest left. For sure half of the forest has been copped out for mining, logging, oilpalm, there some left to view.
It always a thrill doing this job and thats cool for me. And what cooler? Get paid by doing it. Before this, I like to enjoy tracking, adventure in jungle, searching the waterfall, etc and now my works can be find in the jungle. My region to cover range between Tatau, Bintulu to Merapok, Lawas. 

Always lot of things all the way through. I enjoy the thrills and travels. It motivate me day by day  and not to bore for the work given. 


Kerja Aku

Aku ialah seorang teknisyen IT tapi position aku diberik nama Customer Support Engineer sak rupa bunyi nya kacak. 5 taun ku lam bidang tok lam kompeni yang sama sejak tahun 2005. knek tok aku dpt title senor la konon nya. hehe..Kerja ku simple jak, memastikan kastemer ku sentiasa online. Makudnya kalau ada apa terjadi ngan line network kastemer ku, org yg bole ngator nya aku la. hehe tp gney cara mok ngator nya boleh jadi juak mencabar la. sik nya sesenang mcm nyebut nya hehe.. tp just nice la kata org.
   Apa yang best ya ngan keja aku ialah : travelling. Mcm2 tempat aku pegi untuk pegi rah kastemer ku. tempat yang aku sik imejin mok pegi sebelum ku masuk kompeni tok. separuh juak negeri serawak tok aku pegi, dari tatau smpey la ke lawas nun dasan aku cover. kadang2 kalau cdak merlu backup, aku bleh pegi sibu n kuching. ada masa makey belon. twin otter pun ku nait. Pegi lawas, marudi memang makey twin otter la. Penin juak palak nait belon ya. bau nya, panas nya tang pelik jak. Bertaun dah aku nait belon ya, tp masih juak rasa sakit.

   Mun makey darat, masuk utan makey 4x4 transport pun ada. Tempat mcm Belaga, Marudi, Long Lama ya nang best la mun mok nangga utan dara. hehehe walaupun separuh dari utan ya udah jadi mcm2 la, mcm lombong, kuari la, ladang kelapa sawit la.. tp bole juak enjoy nangga utan, cium bau pokok2, kayu2.. ya la best nya keja tok. Dolok aku ska pegi hiking la, pegi treking la, cari waterfall, cari sungei, mok mandik2.. ya la knek tok keja aku nangga nak ku suka juak. seakan ketenangan jiwa juak la nangga utan hahahah

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hey, just received this from a friend. It is just a copy and paste job. But, hope the message clear. uhuh

Beauty of Mathematics!!!!!!!

1 x 8 + 1= 9
12 x 8 + 2= 98
123 x 8 + 3= 987
1234 x 8 + 4= 9876
12345 x 8 + 5= 98765
123456 x 8 + 6= 987654
1234567 x 8 + 7= 9876543
12345678 x 8 + 8= 98765432
123456789 x 8 + 9= 987654321

1 x 9 + 2 = 11
12 x 9 + 3 = 111
123 x 9 + 4 = 1111
1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111
12345 x 9 + 6 = 111111
123456 x 9 + 7 = 1111111
1234567 x 9 + 8 = 11111111
12345678 x 9 + 9 = 111111111
123456789 x 9 +10= 1111111111

9 x 9 + 7 = 88
98 x 9 + 6 = 888
987 x 9 + 5 = 8888
9876 x 9 + 4 = 88888
98765 x 9 + 3 = 888888
987654 x 9 + 2 = 8888888
9876543 x 9 + 1 = 88888888
98765432 x 9 + 0 = 888888888

Brilliant, isn't it?

And look at this symmetry:

1 x 1 = 1
11 x 11 = 121
111 x 111 = 12321
1111 x 1111 = 1234321
11111 x 11111 = 123454321
111111 x 111111 = 12345654321
1111111 x 1111111 = 1234567654321
11111111 x 11111111 = 123456787654321
111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321

Mind Boggling...


 She is adorable. She is so beautiful.  She is the world to me. Yes, she is my little princess. She was born on 17th October 2008 and turn 2 this 17th Oct 2010. But we held the celebration on 23rd Oct due to some circumstances. She is so special to me and share a lot common.
    I was born 16th October 1981 on Friday night (17 Zulhijjah 1401 A.H.) month of Hajj and my daughter born 17th October 2008 which also on Friday (17 Shawwal 1429 A.H) month of Eid Fitri. We both share same zodiac of Libra. We both share the 17th day in Muslim date and we both born on Friday. That really make she is very special to me.
    She is adorable, cutey, beautiful, prettiest being on my world. Watching her doing her things just making me happy and maybe my happiest moment. She plays, dancing, singing, just so adorable. Just I couldnt snap a shot, a best shot up to date because I really dont have the talent to do so. She likes to do thing with her own hand if she could. She doesnt like to be spoonfeed but to feed herself. She want to hold the spoon herself and eat by herself.
She likes to explore and observing like I always do. She learns very fast like I always do, but always pick bad habit first la. What I do is watching her and determined what actually she picks.  I observe what she do, what she want and what she picks for habit. Now, she's 2 years old. She now can forced you do this and that using her cries. Sometime we just cannot do anything but give what she wants.

  Luckily I have this picture which I accidentally took. I just sit and watching she sleep. Maybe 2 months age. And there, she smiles. Really beautiful. She really like to play and have fun. I really like to see her smile.
My wish for you my princess, Happy birthday sweetheart, be a great person. Your father loves you and will support you always.
How can you resist this? A big grin ... ;p

Thank you for families and friends that came to her 2nd birthday. Thanks for the presents. Thanks to all that really involve in the making.


Monday, October 25, 2010


   There are lot of TV series based on CRIMINAL MINDS. CSI, Criminal Minds, Dexter etc and they do it very realistic and professional. I mean all the scenes are look alike real and can be done. Are they trying to create a generation of murderer? huhuh ..
    I watched a lot of CSI, three of them, Vegas, Miami and New York. And I think I can follow tips they giving away in every crime scene so nobody can proved me if I tend to murder somebody. uhuhu Dexter done it. He get away all the times. I am not saying I have the mind to murder somebody huhu maybe killing someone in mind mode only. 
   But these media are trying to teach people to murder without mistake and the culprit can get away easily if they take this free subliminal lessons. Maybe they can hide the trace as well. As well as the mystery of the missing person nowadays. Right? 



   I came from 6 person siblings. Two brothers and 3 sisters and of course me. I got two elder brothers and the eldest named Osman and the second is Dicky Shafari. You see, my father always said that his Osman should be  named as Joshua Osman but something happen in the registration make the 'Joshua' missed. I dont know why my father like those fancy name. But a little bit creative though. Me myself named Ike Zulfikar which he said named after two great president, US General Ike Eisenhower and Pakistani Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. And my brother Dicky named after a famous Indonesian singer and his muslim birthmonth (safar). 
   I learn a lot from my brothers. Basically , they took a wrong mistake that I should avoid. That is what I learn so much. What ever they choose and wrong would be my a turn over pathway. That is why maybe I can get a save ride along my pathway. My brothers are really into art. They draws and painting. I remember our Osman drew not one but three mural in our house. Beautifully. Instead of painting a plain color, he drew murals. Panorama and views. So nice. Different with our Dicky, he drew cartoon and characters on a draw board just like pro. He draw machinery and anything just so alive. I really envy of their talent. Their natural talent.
   I remember one sadistic moment, when our Osman return home from his work at wood factory (i guess) or furniture factory with his left hand soaked in blood. I really meant it. It soaked in blood. He almost cutoff his thumb. The wound so deep until it open wide like lips. Instead of he go to clinic he ask us to take Dettol, needles and threads. Osman really caught with Rambo movie at that time. He wash the wound first, then he try to sew his wound. Fuuuuuuuuuuh. Even by looking at it, you will feel the pain. He struck the needle at one lip (of the wound) until through. Then swing it to another lip. He, without any painkiller doing it. Sewing his own wound , just like Rambo did, like that really making you feel pain even by only looking. He, himself  then cannot took the pain any further after two struck of needle. Later, he shouted to our Dicky, to bring him to the clinic. It just hillarious that he try to commit sewing first than to bring just to clinic. He got stitches then at the clinic. haha ;p ...
    It is cool to have this kind of brothers, they color life. Dicky otherwise has different activities. He likes machinery. He really obsessed with car. He would do everything, experimenting with his car. Our family car. the one and only car. He do that and that. i just follow him. He sometime looked like mechanic and and one part looked like hippies. He wore torn jeans that really shows his underwear. I really dont know the purpose wearing those pant. But it also really fun doing it. And yet I follow him. One day, we install two big old speakers that we found in our store. Maybe speakers from 70's or 80's which used to be part of my father dishplayer..(is it the right term?). Then we install submerge bulb under our car. We cruising our town with loud Metallica's song in dark, only the bottom bulb's on. Hillariously, when we reach home, the car wont start anymore and the battery  was worn out hehehe.. of course, we use over power to power our bulb and two big speakers. hhehe ;p one nice moment.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


   I simply enjoy a whole lot of things and activities. In my childhood, I used to play basketball but how I hooked-up with this game. Actually  to be frank malays or bumiputera is hard to be seen playing basketball in my place. Mostly Chinese play basketball. At first, I enjoy play football but in my place football is an everybody favourite game. Football field always full with football maniac. The big field are for the elders and we children will play at the field side. That is why the place ain't enough for all of us. Differently with basketball courts. Chinese are rarely seen in my place. I can see some guys precisely 2 or just 3 peoples play. Sometimes there is only one coming alone and sometimes empty.

   I just jump in court and sit watching him when I saw this person play alone. He then invites me to play with him. He then teach me and encourage me to play daily. I easily adapt myself and play  basketball with him and sometimes with his friends.  Maybe my childhood adrenaline and high sugar level making me really  playing it. I also catching some fancy move from favourite basketball star in sport channels. Of course, in my age ; Jordan, O'Neil, Johnson, Rodman etc runs the show. This guy I was playing with I never ask his name and so do he. We just play ball, laugh and commenting each other.  I dont know why we just play ball and never socializing. Maybe he older than me about 3-4 years. We never seen outside of  court and the court only we met. I jog myself every weekend morning and meet him at the court. I also play  basketball in school as well with some Chinese guys. We even make a team and almost become champion in our school championship. 

   Beside basketball, I really enjoy swimming. At my age 11, our town build a new swimming facility nearby. A public swimming pool for the people. It really near I can walk to it. Children only pay 50cents to enter.  There I started my swimming experiences. After basketball, I will go swimming. I never learn how to swim actually. I just play in the water with my flock using tubes and floats. As I say before, I  like to watch and learn people. I try to paddle my self and try swimming with help of float-board. But I am not confidence enough to swim without it because the water actually over my height. One day, when I was flapping and paddling using the board, there is a foreign man watching me. Then he took the board away from me. Of course I will panicking and try to ask for help. I think I would drown. He does not speak, he take my hand and stabilize my movement. And then I realize I am swimming. I really do. AMAZING. While I am panicking before, my movement of flapping and paddling are out of sync. And he, actually help me sync the rhythm. He then give me my board back and turn away. I then swam to the side of the pool to my flock. I thanked this man for the free lesson actually I never did thank him directly as I say earlier he does not spoke to me. I then become one of the best among my flock. So there also part when I dive in 16.5 feet pool to the pool floor to take my friend's goggle I accidentally drown. I felt very bad for it and promise him to take it. At my age, to dive without help, using bare eye and only hand, and 16.5 feet seem very hard.  It is really hard. I tried so many times before I made it. Of course I need to take it by hook or by crook, because I cannot afford to replace the goggle. huhu ;p But it actually help me in diving then.

   It seem I wonder myself to just jump in something that really will give me part of my experience. I also jump in random people for random experiences. To include, I also attend Tang Soo Do classes. And I almost reach black belt. The truth is I finished the black belt test and passed it but because I cannot afford to pay the blackbelt exam so my recognition is cancel. I then have to quit the classes. Actually, I can go hang out with the class and play at the gym but I cannot go forward to the next level, so whats the point. Also sad story to football as well, which I can only play side field with barefoot because I cannot afford to buy a pair of  football boots. Even I am good enough and encouraged by my friend to join the school team  but I have to reject it. However, life must go on. ;p no sweat for me.


Friday, October 22, 2010


   As far as I remember down my memory lane but in blurry-flashy slideshow-like  was my Age 3. At my age 3, my family and I lived in Badaruddin flat at Kuching, Sarawak. My father was a police officer so it is normal here in Malaysia to live at government flat like that. We quite decent and to support my father, my mother has to work to make a living.

   My mother used to work at a laundry nearby maybe about 2, 3 blocks away from our flat. She will left me with my elder siblings at home. Forget to mention, I have another 3 elder siblings, 2 brothers and a sister. At that time I was still the youngest. They said I am very naughty and exceed handle and of course I always deny it. ;p

   Here I like to share to you what I really remember what I did at that time. I climbed our windows while my sister clean dishes and do kitchen works. As always my brothers will never stay home and I will be left with only my sister. I took out two piece of  windows plat and bust out. A 3 years old doing a bust out. All because I watched my brothers doing that if we left key inside. I told you, I am quite a copycat, maybe one of the best. 

   Where would I go in that age? Of course, I would go to my mother about 2,3 blocks away at the laundry shop where my mother used to wash people cloth. My sister will freak out to find out  with my absent. She will totally panicking and ask the neighbours. Of course she panic, to have a little brother missing under her nose. And when she couldnt find me, she will go to the laundry to tell my mother about my missing.  But when she see me at the laundry, she burst angst with glad. Scold me and pinching me. What to do, it is a success. A bust out and reach the laundry. Mission accomplished. Huhu.. maybe at that time, the world still very peace and no violence.And after that, if I missing again the first place she go will be the laundry. She will definitely find me there.

   But, nowadays, I wouldnt let my daughter go out alone like that. Roads are very dangerous and peoples are now strangers everyday. Childrens are very unpredictable. You cannot estimate what knowledge they have already learn and what havent. You also cannot predict what action they will pick to react to any circumstances. They might follow your actions and follow your fault languages. They will reflect with their environment. 



Wednesday, October 20, 2010


   When I am on my way to Belaga for my work, my hand and body really tight idle in the 4wd vehicle.  Forget to mention, to reach Belaga the only easy way is rented 4wd transportation. Maybe the only way since the river dried up. It is nearly impossible to drive  a saloon car into this kind of  pathway.  It is far inside deep jungle and wood camp with soil road and not gravel. So there is the time that I really don't do much and just sitting. Listen to the music the driver played. Sometimes chat with him about the wood, the camp and things here and that. I feel idle.
   I do enjoy the remaining rain-forest view outside the vehicle and of course more oil-palm trees. My mind wandering around the space beyond. I couldn't do much in there, I want to but I really cant. I think a lot of things. Past, present and future. Then I thought of this blog. What will going to be to this blog? What next? What am I going to write here next? How to design and organize it? Then came this silly idea. I promise myself  to write everyday an article no matter what event or what reason just anything for the remaining time before my next birthday. It will be about 365 article to be precise. Maybe I should take this challenge accounted for me.  It is like my personal challenge. Do I dare do it? Will I lose anything? Whole my life, Ive been trying to challenge and compete for reason. So why not I took this challenge for myself. My personal challenge. Maybe I should start to document my whole life experiences in this blog. So I wouldn't forget if come to amnesia. 
   Four hours traveling from Bintulu to Belaga in this 4wd make my back hurt and tired but I just go to my work place and finish my works. My works done in 2 hours before I check-in a hotel nearby where I realized that I forgot my broadband modem, left in my office. So careless of me. Why am I forgetting things. This is what I really hate. I do realize I  often forget things now. Memory really faded so fast. It is really frustrated when realizing the reality of aging.  That's it, I am going to this idea.
   I don't really do much in my hotel room other than watching movies. Then I sleep early so I can catch earliest transport return to Bintulu. My journey return in that 4wd really ignite my ideas. It come popping up  like slideshow or something. I am going to make it reality. I will.


Monday, October 18, 2010


   Before we get going to see the world through my eye, let we know about me first. I am quite a normal average guy with attitude and ambition. I like to address myself as learner, a long life learner of all thing around. Whole my life I observe thing and learn. I try to learn how this and that works. How this and that happen, how this, how that. Try to conclude things, elaborate phenomenon, I crave for knowledge. I really want to know more. Just I don't really want my mind idle. You see, there's an old saying 'An idle mind is a devil's workshop' right? 

    Let me tell you about my childhood. My earlier life begin as other children, I played a lot. When we moved town from Kuching to Miri, I quite missing my earlier friends. I tried to get along with new environment and friends. Here I start my life learning new things. Learn how to communicate and be friends with other.  So I began playing again. I played a lot. I learn how to swim, play basketball, play takraw, ping pong, football, badminton, martial art and even tennis. What ever games and sports people offer in school  I will try and have fun. I really enjoy myself and enjoy those game. I doesn't have any problem to be friend with people. I involve in many kind of friends.  Then I realized, I do have specific friends for specific activity I am in. Its like I'm dividing friends. I mean, this game only played with him, this sports I enjoy with other him etc. Maybe I don't have problem doing that but I don't know if other people have any problem with that.

    Education come first. Yes. Even I am very energetic and playful being, I also some book freak maniac. I read a lot. Sound contrary with my first character as an energetic being. Yes, I unbelievably am a book worm. Almost everyday I will drop at  local library and try to read as many book I can and then even borrow some home. Sometimes I thought  I already finished the whole books. Read, read and read, if I am done with it then I return the books, read read read and bring some home. I really want to know more, more and more. This habit make me know things that sometimes people of my age doesn't know. And people would say I make up things. Who cares, I know the truth. blwwah. Now, I change that reading  habit to watching. Movies, documentaries, entertainment, sports etc. Cable TV so much fun except paying it. huhu
    Summarize my childhood routine : weekday :- school , basketball / football, library, swimming, read book , mengaji (recite alquran) etc,  weekend :- basketball, swimming, library, football, swimming again, read book and sometime swimming again at night after mengaji. Time really so much to waste when I was young. Many things can be done when I young. I also can put Fishing, inventing,  cycling, explore the woods and drain, marbles, traditional games etc in the account. (In return of chlorine and reading at blurry light, I damaged my eyes. 500 degree for each eyes is really troublesome. But thanks Allah for letting human invent contact lenses. )
    I will just say yes to any invitation my friends offer me, first come first serve basis . And sometimes I do planned activities. As simple as that. When a friend come and ask me to play football I will just say yes. Then if other ask me to swim then I say yes. Even if I already home, if they called to play other thing, I probably say yes. At that time of my life, TV is a prohibited for me. That is why I really enjoy outdoors. And if my father outburst angst of my so much outdoor so I will take that so-called punishment. You see, I really enjoy life as child. I learn I play and socialized. These things created me. I socialized through sports and games. I don't really care what will people called me because I knew I live to the fullest, or just I thought so. My fundamental is simple : Enjoy Life and Stay Alive.

    For me, life is about choices. You will given choices and the choice you pick will determine your path. I remember how my father allows me to responsible on any choices I make. He believed in me. I knew that, because he told me the wrong path I took will be me who lose. Harsh, but yet effective. If I am in cloud, I would just ask. Or  I will observe. Observation also can clear the cloud in my mind. Sometime it will look like I am  staring but I actually observe and learn. I am a good copycat, hmm this attribute make me able to play some games/sports that require talent such as roller blade or skateboard. I can observe, watch and learn through how people do it and follow as they do it. And sometimes I learn their mistakes and do better from they do.

    About me : I do like whatever I can enjoy. I don't really specify myself or limit myself. I will do as I wish and I feel right. I don't really care what people thinks about me. As long as I am not hurt and hurting, I will be find. I am not rich and yet still not dying trying to get rich but I really want to be rich.  (I want to be a millionaire ,soooo freaking bad .. I overheard that song on air.. hehehe) I am harmless. I am your simple average guy like other average guy out there hmm but maybe  with a slight different. Spot me my differences. hah! ;p

I am not all right but it doesn't make me wrong. I am not a hero but it doesn't make me a loser. The truth is accepting human as human is the best experience above all I have.

Saturday, October 16, 2010



    Today is my 29th birthday. A final year before my twenties end. A bit sentimental bout the age though, now I  feel I am quite old. But like my wife says 'not grow older, but grow better', quite relieving. Its already 29 years I wander around my world and see a lot from these eyes given by the Almighty Allah. 
   My gift to myself is this blog so I could write about anything that matter to me. Maybe you might ask why my blog title named  'My Over-viewed Subject'. It is just how I expressed any subject that really caught my attention until I decide to review them. It is 'over-viewed' right ? Happy birthday to me. And thanks for this lovely gift. 
   Thanks for my friends and family that remember my birthday and wishes me right away. You will be remembered as well. The best thing ever happen about my birthday is, 16th Oct is my birthday and tomorrow 17th Oct will be my lovely daughter birthday. We will celebrate our birthday now. Until next time, see you.


Friday, October 15, 2010


   I am on a therapy on something that require me to write something or anything to make me better. The therapist said that I need to write about anything I want, anyhow and even if I dont know what to write then I should write that 'I dont know what to write'.
   And this therapy also require me to write a lot in about three pages (if only I could) everyday. And if I write on a book or diary or paper, it would be junk and scrap to my desk and turn out to be wasted. So I took this opportunity to write a blog about it so I wouldn't miss any fun in making it. Maybe it would be nice also to share my writing to other people on the other side of the world.
   As this blog started today since, I want to welcome my self to the world of blog and I will make use of it to the maximum. And if anyone reading this as well, I would welcome you to my world of blog. Until then, I would type my scrap work to this digital world to share opinion and wisdom.