Monday, October 18, 2010


   Before we get going to see the world through my eye, let we know about me first. I am quite a normal average guy with attitude and ambition. I like to address myself as learner, a long life learner of all thing around. Whole my life I observe thing and learn. I try to learn how this and that works. How this and that happen, how this, how that. Try to conclude things, elaborate phenomenon, I crave for knowledge. I really want to know more. Just I don't really want my mind idle. You see, there's an old saying 'An idle mind is a devil's workshop' right? 

    Let me tell you about my childhood. My earlier life begin as other children, I played a lot. When we moved town from Kuching to Miri, I quite missing my earlier friends. I tried to get along with new environment and friends. Here I start my life learning new things. Learn how to communicate and be friends with other.  So I began playing again. I played a lot. I learn how to swim, play basketball, play takraw, ping pong, football, badminton, martial art and even tennis. What ever games and sports people offer in school  I will try and have fun. I really enjoy myself and enjoy those game. I doesn't have any problem to be friend with people. I involve in many kind of friends.  Then I realized, I do have specific friends for specific activity I am in. Its like I'm dividing friends. I mean, this game only played with him, this sports I enjoy with other him etc. Maybe I don't have problem doing that but I don't know if other people have any problem with that.

    Education come first. Yes. Even I am very energetic and playful being, I also some book freak maniac. I read a lot. Sound contrary with my first character as an energetic being. Yes, I unbelievably am a book worm. Almost everyday I will drop at  local library and try to read as many book I can and then even borrow some home. Sometimes I thought  I already finished the whole books. Read, read and read, if I am done with it then I return the books, read read read and bring some home. I really want to know more, more and more. This habit make me know things that sometimes people of my age doesn't know. And people would say I make up things. Who cares, I know the truth. blwwah. Now, I change that reading  habit to watching. Movies, documentaries, entertainment, sports etc. Cable TV so much fun except paying it. huhu
    Summarize my childhood routine : weekday :- school , basketball / football, library, swimming, read book , mengaji (recite alquran) etc,  weekend :- basketball, swimming, library, football, swimming again, read book and sometime swimming again at night after mengaji. Time really so much to waste when I was young. Many things can be done when I young. I also can put Fishing, inventing,  cycling, explore the woods and drain, marbles, traditional games etc in the account. (In return of chlorine and reading at blurry light, I damaged my eyes. 500 degree for each eyes is really troublesome. But thanks Allah for letting human invent contact lenses. )
    I will just say yes to any invitation my friends offer me, first come first serve basis . And sometimes I do planned activities. As simple as that. When a friend come and ask me to play football I will just say yes. Then if other ask me to swim then I say yes. Even if I already home, if they called to play other thing, I probably say yes. At that time of my life, TV is a prohibited for me. That is why I really enjoy outdoors. And if my father outburst angst of my so much outdoor so I will take that so-called punishment. You see, I really enjoy life as child. I learn I play and socialized. These things created me. I socialized through sports and games. I don't really care what will people called me because I knew I live to the fullest, or just I thought so. My fundamental is simple : Enjoy Life and Stay Alive.

    For me, life is about choices. You will given choices and the choice you pick will determine your path. I remember how my father allows me to responsible on any choices I make. He believed in me. I knew that, because he told me the wrong path I took will be me who lose. Harsh, but yet effective. If I am in cloud, I would just ask. Or  I will observe. Observation also can clear the cloud in my mind. Sometime it will look like I am  staring but I actually observe and learn. I am a good copycat, hmm this attribute make me able to play some games/sports that require talent such as roller blade or skateboard. I can observe, watch and learn through how people do it and follow as they do it. And sometimes I learn their mistakes and do better from they do.

    About me : I do like whatever I can enjoy. I don't really specify myself or limit myself. I will do as I wish and I feel right. I don't really care what people thinks about me. As long as I am not hurt and hurting, I will be find. I am not rich and yet still not dying trying to get rich but I really want to be rich.  (I want to be a millionaire ,soooo freaking bad .. I overheard that song on air.. hehehe) I am harmless. I am your simple average guy like other average guy out there hmm but maybe  with a slight different. Spot me my differences. hah! ;p

I am not all right but it doesn't make me wrong. I am not a hero but it doesn't make me a loser. The truth is accepting human as human is the best experience above all I have.

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