Friday, October 22, 2010


   As far as I remember down my memory lane but in blurry-flashy slideshow-like  was my Age 3. At my age 3, my family and I lived in Badaruddin flat at Kuching, Sarawak. My father was a police officer so it is normal here in Malaysia to live at government flat like that. We quite decent and to support my father, my mother has to work to make a living.

   My mother used to work at a laundry nearby maybe about 2, 3 blocks away from our flat. She will left me with my elder siblings at home. Forget to mention, I have another 3 elder siblings, 2 brothers and a sister. At that time I was still the youngest. They said I am very naughty and exceed handle and of course I always deny it. ;p

   Here I like to share to you what I really remember what I did at that time. I climbed our windows while my sister clean dishes and do kitchen works. As always my brothers will never stay home and I will be left with only my sister. I took out two piece of  windows plat and bust out. A 3 years old doing a bust out. All because I watched my brothers doing that if we left key inside. I told you, I am quite a copycat, maybe one of the best. 

   Where would I go in that age? Of course, I would go to my mother about 2,3 blocks away at the laundry shop where my mother used to wash people cloth. My sister will freak out to find out  with my absent. She will totally panicking and ask the neighbours. Of course she panic, to have a little brother missing under her nose. And when she couldnt find me, she will go to the laundry to tell my mother about my missing.  But when she see me at the laundry, she burst angst with glad. Scold me and pinching me. What to do, it is a success. A bust out and reach the laundry. Mission accomplished. Huhu.. maybe at that time, the world still very peace and no violence.And after that, if I missing again the first place she go will be the laundry. She will definitely find me there.

   But, nowadays, I wouldnt let my daughter go out alone like that. Roads are very dangerous and peoples are now strangers everyday. Childrens are very unpredictable. You cannot estimate what knowledge they have already learn and what havent. You also cannot predict what action they will pick to react to any circumstances. They might follow your actions and follow your fault languages. They will reflect with their environment. 



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