Tuesday, October 26, 2010


 She is adorable. She is so beautiful.  She is the world to me. Yes, she is my little princess. She was born on 17th October 2008 and turn 2 this 17th Oct 2010. But we held the celebration on 23rd Oct due to some circumstances. She is so special to me and share a lot common.
    I was born 16th October 1981 on Friday night (17 Zulhijjah 1401 A.H.) month of Hajj and my daughter born 17th October 2008 which also on Friday (17 Shawwal 1429 A.H) month of Eid Fitri. We both share same zodiac of Libra. We both share the 17th day in Muslim date and we both born on Friday. That really make she is very special to me.
    She is adorable, cutey, beautiful, prettiest being on my world. Watching her doing her things just making me happy and maybe my happiest moment. She plays, dancing, singing, just so adorable. Just I couldnt snap a shot, a best shot up to date because I really dont have the talent to do so. She likes to do thing with her own hand if she could. She doesnt like to be spoonfeed but to feed herself. She want to hold the spoon herself and eat by herself.
She likes to explore and observing like I always do. She learns very fast like I always do, but always pick bad habit first la. What I do is watching her and determined what actually she picks.  I observe what she do, what she want and what she picks for habit. Now, she's 2 years old. She now can forced you do this and that using her cries. Sometime we just cannot do anything but give what she wants.

  Luckily I have this picture which I accidentally took. I just sit and watching she sleep. Maybe 2 months age. And there, she smiles. Really beautiful. She really like to play and have fun. I really like to see her smile.
My wish for you my princess, Happy birthday sweetheart, be a great person. Your father loves you and will support you always.
How can you resist this? A big grin ... ;p

Thank you for families and friends that came to her 2nd birthday. Thanks for the presents. Thanks to all that really involve in the making.



  1. 60% of her attitude same as her papa.. hehehe... like papa like daughter.

  2. anak ompuan nang gia.. mesti ngam ngan bapak nya.. hehehe..