Monday, October 25, 2010


   There are lot of TV series based on CRIMINAL MINDS. CSI, Criminal Minds, Dexter etc and they do it very realistic and professional. I mean all the scenes are look alike real and can be done. Are they trying to create a generation of murderer? huhuh ..
    I watched a lot of CSI, three of them, Vegas, Miami and New York. And I think I can follow tips they giving away in every crime scene so nobody can proved me if I tend to murder somebody. uhuhu Dexter done it. He get away all the times. I am not saying I have the mind to murder somebody huhu maybe killing someone in mind mode only. 
   But these media are trying to teach people to murder without mistake and the culprit can get away easily if they take this free subliminal lessons. Maybe they can hide the trace as well. As well as the mystery of the missing person nowadays. Right? 


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