Wednesday, October 20, 2010


   When I am on my way to Belaga for my work, my hand and body really tight idle in the 4wd vehicle.  Forget to mention, to reach Belaga the only easy way is rented 4wd transportation. Maybe the only way since the river dried up. It is nearly impossible to drive  a saloon car into this kind of  pathway.  It is far inside deep jungle and wood camp with soil road and not gravel. So there is the time that I really don't do much and just sitting. Listen to the music the driver played. Sometimes chat with him about the wood, the camp and things here and that. I feel idle.
   I do enjoy the remaining rain-forest view outside the vehicle and of course more oil-palm trees. My mind wandering around the space beyond. I couldn't do much in there, I want to but I really cant. I think a lot of things. Past, present and future. Then I thought of this blog. What will going to be to this blog? What next? What am I going to write here next? How to design and organize it? Then came this silly idea. I promise myself  to write everyday an article no matter what event or what reason just anything for the remaining time before my next birthday. It will be about 365 article to be precise. Maybe I should take this challenge accounted for me.  It is like my personal challenge. Do I dare do it? Will I lose anything? Whole my life, Ive been trying to challenge and compete for reason. So why not I took this challenge for myself. My personal challenge. Maybe I should start to document my whole life experiences in this blog. So I wouldn't forget if come to amnesia. 
   Four hours traveling from Bintulu to Belaga in this 4wd make my back hurt and tired but I just go to my work place and finish my works. My works done in 2 hours before I check-in a hotel nearby where I realized that I forgot my broadband modem, left in my office. So careless of me. Why am I forgetting things. This is what I really hate. I do realize I  often forget things now. Memory really faded so fast. It is really frustrated when realizing the reality of aging.  That's it, I am going to this idea.
   I don't really do much in my hotel room other than watching movies. Then I sleep early so I can catch earliest transport return to Bintulu. My journey return in that 4wd really ignite my ideas. It come popping up  like slideshow or something. I am going to make it reality. I will.



  1. wow...365 updates in 365 days? that's a tough challenge...chaiyok2!

  2. thanks. hahaha a challenge to fulfill .