Saturday, October 30, 2010


   One of my interests is FOOTBALL. For sure, as a boy in my place, football is a must. If you not playing it on field, you play it on screen. And if not, you just watch the world footbal. EPL, La Liga, Series A, Bundesliga and all. You will sometime lost in conversation if you not up to football. Boys, men will talk about what game last nite, or last week or their favourite team. And that is for sure. Even if you want to make friend to someone, football also can connecting you.
  I play football just for fun. I never join any tournament held in my present. For now, maybe I seldom play football but I changed to futsal. Also for fun and never intent to play in tournament. Before futsal famous like today, there another form of small pitch footbal called street soccer. When I am in matriculation, I ever played for team called Flamengo Merah Jambu (Pink Flamengo) just to mock Gagak Itam (Black Crow) team. And what surprise is, WE WON CHAMPION. Frankly speaking, in final match I was benched of injury with another 2 players. Because 3 players injured from a 7-players team, we run out of substitute. We actually cannot play the final with only 4 players. But then, I ask the organizer just to let us find one player to add in our team. Luckily, I just need to pay new member  fee as for additional team member in final.
    My favourite team in EPL is Manchester United. Here in Miri, there are quite a number of Man Utd fan. As I said before, Even if you want to make friends, you can just open up your perspective, your view then people would response. I maybe not a die-hard fan, I just stand a side to one particular team so the result may responses. But for these years, United never failed to entertain us here. There is one cafe which we fellow United fan would gather sit and watch matches. And when our team scores, all of us stand up and shout. Such a feeling to support our thousands of miles team hahha.. so naive but yet entertaining. ;p



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