Monday, October 25, 2010


   I came from 6 person siblings. Two brothers and 3 sisters and of course me. I got two elder brothers and the eldest named Osman and the second is Dicky Shafari. You see, my father always said that his Osman should be  named as Joshua Osman but something happen in the registration make the 'Joshua' missed. I dont know why my father like those fancy name. But a little bit creative though. Me myself named Ike Zulfikar which he said named after two great president, US General Ike Eisenhower and Pakistani Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. And my brother Dicky named after a famous Indonesian singer and his muslim birthmonth (safar). 
   I learn a lot from my brothers. Basically , they took a wrong mistake that I should avoid. That is what I learn so much. What ever they choose and wrong would be my a turn over pathway. That is why maybe I can get a save ride along my pathway. My brothers are really into art. They draws and painting. I remember our Osman drew not one but three mural in our house. Beautifully. Instead of painting a plain color, he drew murals. Panorama and views. So nice. Different with our Dicky, he drew cartoon and characters on a draw board just like pro. He draw machinery and anything just so alive. I really envy of their talent. Their natural talent.
   I remember one sadistic moment, when our Osman return home from his work at wood factory (i guess) or furniture factory with his left hand soaked in blood. I really meant it. It soaked in blood. He almost cutoff his thumb. The wound so deep until it open wide like lips. Instead of he go to clinic he ask us to take Dettol, needles and threads. Osman really caught with Rambo movie at that time. He wash the wound first, then he try to sew his wound. Fuuuuuuuuuuh. Even by looking at it, you will feel the pain. He struck the needle at one lip (of the wound) until through. Then swing it to another lip. He, without any painkiller doing it. Sewing his own wound , just like Rambo did, like that really making you feel pain even by only looking. He, himself  then cannot took the pain any further after two struck of needle. Later, he shouted to our Dicky, to bring him to the clinic. It just hillarious that he try to commit sewing first than to bring just to clinic. He got stitches then at the clinic. haha ;p ...
    It is cool to have this kind of brothers, they color life. Dicky otherwise has different activities. He likes machinery. He really obsessed with car. He would do everything, experimenting with his car. Our family car. the one and only car. He do that and that. i just follow him. He sometime looked like mechanic and and one part looked like hippies. He wore torn jeans that really shows his underwear. I really dont know the purpose wearing those pant. But it also really fun doing it. And yet I follow him. One day, we install two big old speakers that we found in our store. Maybe speakers from 70's or 80's which used to be part of my father dishplayer..(is it the right term?). Then we install submerge bulb under our car. We cruising our town with loud Metallica's song in dark, only the bottom bulb's on. Hillariously, when we reach home, the car wont start anymore and the battery  was worn out hehehe.. of course, we use over power to power our bulb and two big speakers. hhehe ;p one nice moment.


  1. rindok ada org yg bencer awal and take notice about it.. mejal ajak la adik aku ekot aku pun lesson learned pas tok eh.. hehehe..

  2. hehehe susah juak mok mejal org.. ada cgek kajian kan, nebiak atau adik atau youngs, nya lebih rela take challenge dari dengar kata hehehe ..