Saturday, October 16, 2010



    Today is my 29th birthday. A final year before my twenties end. A bit sentimental bout the age though, now I  feel I am quite old. But like my wife says 'not grow older, but grow better', quite relieving. Its already 29 years I wander around my world and see a lot from these eyes given by the Almighty Allah. 
   My gift to myself is this blog so I could write about anything that matter to me. Maybe you might ask why my blog title named  'My Over-viewed Subject'. It is just how I expressed any subject that really caught my attention until I decide to review them. It is 'over-viewed' right ? Happy birthday to me. And thanks for this lovely gift. 
   Thanks for my friends and family that remember my birthday and wishes me right away. You will be remembered as well. The best thing ever happen about my birthday is, 16th Oct is my birthday and tomorrow 17th Oct will be my lovely daughter birthday. We will celebrate our birthday now. Until next time, see you.



  1. o the world, you may be one person. But to me, you are the world. love u from mama, ain n baby

  2. u all are the world for me too. love u all.