Saturday, October 23, 2010


   I simply enjoy a whole lot of things and activities. In my childhood, I used to play basketball but how I hooked-up with this game. Actually  to be frank malays or bumiputera is hard to be seen playing basketball in my place. Mostly Chinese play basketball. At first, I enjoy play football but in my place football is an everybody favourite game. Football field always full with football maniac. The big field are for the elders and we children will play at the field side. That is why the place ain't enough for all of us. Differently with basketball courts. Chinese are rarely seen in my place. I can see some guys precisely 2 or just 3 peoples play. Sometimes there is only one coming alone and sometimes empty.

   I just jump in court and sit watching him when I saw this person play alone. He then invites me to play with him. He then teach me and encourage me to play daily. I easily adapt myself and play  basketball with him and sometimes with his friends.  Maybe my childhood adrenaline and high sugar level making me really  playing it. I also catching some fancy move from favourite basketball star in sport channels. Of course, in my age ; Jordan, O'Neil, Johnson, Rodman etc runs the show. This guy I was playing with I never ask his name and so do he. We just play ball, laugh and commenting each other.  I dont know why we just play ball and never socializing. Maybe he older than me about 3-4 years. We never seen outside of  court and the court only we met. I jog myself every weekend morning and meet him at the court. I also play  basketball in school as well with some Chinese guys. We even make a team and almost become champion in our school championship. 

   Beside basketball, I really enjoy swimming. At my age 11, our town build a new swimming facility nearby. A public swimming pool for the people. It really near I can walk to it. Children only pay 50cents to enter.  There I started my swimming experiences. After basketball, I will go swimming. I never learn how to swim actually. I just play in the water with my flock using tubes and floats. As I say before, I  like to watch and learn people. I try to paddle my self and try swimming with help of float-board. But I am not confidence enough to swim without it because the water actually over my height. One day, when I was flapping and paddling using the board, there is a foreign man watching me. Then he took the board away from me. Of course I will panicking and try to ask for help. I think I would drown. He does not speak, he take my hand and stabilize my movement. And then I realize I am swimming. I really do. AMAZING. While I am panicking before, my movement of flapping and paddling are out of sync. And he, actually help me sync the rhythm. He then give me my board back and turn away. I then swam to the side of the pool to my flock. I thanked this man for the free lesson actually I never did thank him directly as I say earlier he does not spoke to me. I then become one of the best among my flock. So there also part when I dive in 16.5 feet pool to the pool floor to take my friend's goggle I accidentally drown. I felt very bad for it and promise him to take it. At my age, to dive without help, using bare eye and only hand, and 16.5 feet seem very hard.  It is really hard. I tried so many times before I made it. Of course I need to take it by hook or by crook, because I cannot afford to replace the goggle. huhu ;p But it actually help me in diving then.

   It seem I wonder myself to just jump in something that really will give me part of my experience. I also jump in random people for random experiences. To include, I also attend Tang Soo Do classes. And I almost reach black belt. The truth is I finished the black belt test and passed it but because I cannot afford to pay the blackbelt exam so my recognition is cancel. I then have to quit the classes. Actually, I can go hang out with the class and play at the gym but I cannot go forward to the next level, so whats the point. Also sad story to football as well, which I can only play side field with barefoot because I cannot afford to buy a pair of  football boots. Even I am good enough and encouraged by my friend to join the school team  but I have to reject it. However, life must go on. ;p no sweat for me.


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