Friday, October 15, 2010


   I am on a therapy on something that require me to write something or anything to make me better. The therapist said that I need to write about anything I want, anyhow and even if I dont know what to write then I should write that 'I dont know what to write'.
   And this therapy also require me to write a lot in about three pages (if only I could) everyday. And if I write on a book or diary or paper, it would be junk and scrap to my desk and turn out to be wasted. So I took this opportunity to write a blog about it so I wouldn't miss any fun in making it. Maybe it would be nice also to share my writing to other people on the other side of the world.
   As this blog started today since, I want to welcome my self to the world of blog and I will make use of it to the maximum. And if anyone reading this as well, I would welcome you to my world of blog. Until then, I would type my scrap work to this digital world to share opinion and wisdom.

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