Thursday, November 4, 2010


There is many ideas planted in your mind as it grow, sometimes wild, spread like seeds. When you are a kid, a child, you are ambitious to learn the world, the ideas, the concept how the world works. How things happen, how action taken, how to do that and this, etc. A lot of things has been planted to your mind since then. Since you go to school, since you ambitious to know more about your live.

You see, the teachers that teaches us in school actually doesnt really know on how doing it, I mean, he or she planting the ideas into you to become an engineer, but yet he or she doesnt really know how the feeling to be one. He or she just plating the ideas into your mind, just to let you know how cool to be one. It is the ideas that brought up your living up to this chapter of your life. 

Also goes to the motivator; motivation speaker, that speak out bout being rich and millionaires. Some of them are not what they said. I see lot of motivation school or talks or speakers or what we called it now, and I see some dishonesty about what they said. They read through text. They read and picks old saying. Some famous, some exaggerated, and some overwhelming. Are these men and women right? They just saying it, saying what you already know and saying what you want to hear. These men and women are also the idea planter. They plant ideas. But yet, they also dont know how the seed will grow.

The ideas come through your subconscious, where you dont really know when actually it coming to you. But with a correct 'fertilizer' , water and soils, it will bloom and blossom. How you get this ideas? That is where you need a teacher. Someone that plant the ideas at the first place. Come to another teacher to learn about another seeds of ideas. It is just a share of thought.

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