Thursday, November 4, 2010


I love movies. I really do. Remember when I write about my interests, I wrote about books. I read books so many (in my childhood) and I really enjoy it. The thing is, book is fun except it really need attention to it. Your time, your focus. Time is priceless. No price can be tagged on time. And it go without stopping. Endless. There when I realize to adapt and improvise. Less read and more watching.
With movies, I can finish a story in 2 hours, 3 hours max. But with book, maybe about 4-5 hours. I guess, now I am a slow reader, which I think I can reach maximum of 10 hours a novel. It gross. Spending time with books can bore me and I dont think it reliable in my commitment anymore.Works and family of course. So yes, movie come handy then. You can pause, 15 minute watch, another minute works, on same screen with headphones, 8 hours working hours would be fun with some 10-15 minute breaks of movies. Its fun. You try, small screen, dual screen, minimizing just here and there, with your works. It is harmless.
It also like reading book but less imagining which they already imagine for you and describe it in action. Whats the matter is the script and the talking. Which will aspire, and moved you. I really love movie, watching them just fun. I think I cannot stop watching movies. 
If I am destine to be a movie review here in my blog, it also possible with my knowledge and experiences. hahaha Maybe, sometime I can review some good movies which I pick. For your information, I watch downloaded movies. Low quality but I really enjoy them. If the movie so good, with great reviews by media and good comments by movie fan and good actors, I will go out movie day with my wife. 
I remember days when movies are not as downloadable as nowadays, I used to watch movies with my friends. Rain or night is not a obstacle. Riding our motorcycle about 50km from our university to nearest cineplex wouldnt be any hard. When it is Wednesday, it is a movie day. Lets go for movie. haha. Good old time.

Here some of my favourite movie : Pireate of Carribean Franchise, Swordfish, The Matrix Trilogy, Lord of the Ring, Snatch, Lock Stock n 2 Smoking Barrels, Shooter, Body of Lies, Blood Diamond, Inception, Bourne Trilogy, Rockarolla, Inglorious Basterd, Inkheart, Saw Franchise, IronMan 1&2, XMEN Franchise, Transformer 1&2, IP Man 1&2,  Book Of Eli, Shutter Island, Smoking Aces 1&2, Ice Age 1-3, Losers, ATeam, Salt, Gamers, Predator all ..
A lot from Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Cage, Denzel Washington,
Lot of comedies The Killer, School of Rock, The Rockers, By Adam Sandler, By Jack Black, By Rob Schneider, Will Ferrel, Chris Rock..
bla bla bla.. maybe next time I review one or two.

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