Friday, November 5, 2010


Apa ada pada nama?  
What is there in a name? A simple question but leave a lot of meaning. For some people, names are really bears a lot of things and meanings. For some people, names is just a call for people. To differentiate people with another people. For tagging em so that wont be mistaken with other people. For me, a lot of thing can be find in names. Or just I let my mind free and wandering the beyond ideas of things in my mind. Like seeds of ideas I write before. 
My name is Ike Zulfikar. As I told before, my father gave me that name consists of two powerful president of different country and different eras. Ike, came from General Ike Eisenhower 34th US President in 50's, and Zulfikar for Pakistani President in 70's; Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. These names combined and named before me, Ike Zulfikar B Mohd Ali. Such beautiful and creative. I am proud of those name before..
Zulfikar is an Arabic name which mean 'have thought'. Zul mean 'have' and fikar mean 'thought'. In this term of word it mean that Ike Zulfikar is a person (Ike) who have thought. Ideas. In other hand, Zulfikar is also one important name in Muslim history. It is name of legendary sword of the prophet Muhammad. Given to Ali, a leader of Uhud Battle. Has killed the important enemies, fiercely by Ali. Given to his child then and carried to another battle that has won by the Muslim. Zulfikar has been a symbol of Muslim battle.Then what actually it has to do with me? I am another chapter of Zulfikar, which attached Ike to the name. We are not related directly. I am not related to General Ike either, not related to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and neither to the sword. 
I carried the big names in me and big responsible. My friends, colleagues and fellow families called me by name Ike all these years. My first name and I am not eager to use Zulfikar as I am not ready for it. I once told people that I saved the name to be written on my gravestone when I die and I have been laughed for it. Actually I dont care either what people think of me. For me, it is very heavy to carry the name (Zulfikar) with me. And even now, it really become important, because I let my daughter carries the name. Now it mean everything. There are lot of Zulfikar, but there will be only one Ike Zulfikar. Who bother to care. But my children will. 
You see, names can describe people, can describe the act of people. Hard to prove it, but yes. Names do impact to the person. Indirectly or directly. It is likes the early 'seeds' of ideas for the person who carries names. How he or she react upon his/her name. How people react to others name. How people think about names. That is what I experienced all these years carrying my name. It is called as first impression. Example : when you read my name, if it a formal thing, people would think of 'who is this guy' or 'weird name he has' or 'what a name' or 'his father is such creative' or 'maybe this person mixed with westerner' or such. But if I just use it in the internet, chat room or as a nick, people would think I just using a nick even I use a real name on board. See, impression is important after all. 
Names are use to differentiate people. And actions would define and differentiate names. What is there in a name? (apa ada pada nama?) Actually, it has it all in just a name. Your action, your reaction, your legacy is in your name. Just a thought, it is just a thought.

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