Friday, November 5, 2010


I like to share a knowledge which I always read or heard from lot of people, usually from noble and respectful person in religion. But I am no preacher and I am not going to give one. Just giving it as a knowledge to share. It also implies to all, human as well. To person, to people. Writing in blog, my personal blog would be almost to remind myself about it as well.
The saying :
  • The farthest thing is neither suns nor stars nor planets, but THE PAST. You'll never come to reach it back even you try so hard. Once done, it is done. Just beware what you say, about to say, what you do or will do.
  • The biggest thing in universe is not universe it self, nor mountain nor even the suns, but  TEMPTATION. Lust, greed, anger is not measure by tonne. Follow the temptation blindly will sin you, regret you. Think before doing things you might regret.
  • The heaviest things is not metals, not even the planet itself but RESPONSIBILITY. It is hard to bear by yourself. You are entrust to responsibilities and bond to it. It is really hard, but it must be done.
  • The lightest thing is not feather nor air, but FORGETTING DEED. It easy to ask help, once 'thank you' then forget people good deed. Forgetting God gift. Forgetting all the good deed people give. Be grateful.
  • The sharpest thing is not sword nor knife, but human TONGUE. Think before saying things.
  • Last but not least, the closest thing is not air you breath, not your parent you lived with but DEATH itself. It is anytime.
 Thats so for sharing. END.

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