Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It will be a New Year again for Gregorian calendar. It is really tiring for full schedule in my recent month. So much work to do. But I am not forgetting this blog. For time being, I am figuring some new templates or design for this blog, before I come full time on blogging. The era of busy-ness will come to end and I will have enough time to blog and design.

Today is my last scheduled preventive maintenance work in Marudi for this year. And I very grateful for the time to come to an end. Tomorrow will be the day to hand all the documents and I will be free, at least for a week before start a new project. But, what can I see, year to come, will be a new environment. A colleague has resign and I will be handling most of the documents again.

There will be a lot of sorting in and out, deleting old files and renewing my files format.  But, for sure, next year will be a lot of time in office. No new project, old project out mean no new business for us. No frequent travel and a boredom day will come.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It is really hectic end of year. I have been busy here and there. Maintenance works come all to my desk. Our staff resigned. I just dont understand, those maintenance work actually can be schedule and organize throughout the year but why to bundle all in this same end of year. Damn. I can see next month would be nothing to do. Why dont those job been scattered monthly so it wouldnt be so hectic end of years and every month got thing to do.
Season festival approaching and more staff will taken their leave. Every year will be like this. Every meeting will highlight the same issue. Meeting all the time but still without output to discover.