Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It will be a New Year again for Gregorian calendar. It is really tiring for full schedule in my recent month. So much work to do. But I am not forgetting this blog. For time being, I am figuring some new templates or design for this blog, before I come full time on blogging. The era of busy-ness will come to end and I will have enough time to blog and design.

Today is my last scheduled preventive maintenance work in Marudi for this year. And I very grateful for the time to come to an end. Tomorrow will be the day to hand all the documents and I will be free, at least for a week before start a new project. But, what can I see, year to come, will be a new environment. A colleague has resign and I will be handling most of the documents again.

There will be a lot of sorting in and out, deleting old files and renewing my files format.  But, for sure, next year will be a lot of time in office. No new project, old project out mean no new business for us. No frequent travel and a boredom day will come.

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