Saturday, January 29, 2011


As I like to say, accepting human as human. People is indeed people. Human is indeed human. What I mean is human/people have desire, have hate, have lust, have positive attribute and also have negativity. I really mean it. People are not perfect at all. When they have positive attribute doesn't mean they are angel and without any darkside. They may have darkside which they hide. The matter is how they manage to keep their bad attributes and how bad their negativity.

You cannot hope people to be perfect to you when you yourself cannot be one. When judging people, clear your mind and never put sides. Don't side a people you want to judge, keep yourself as the judge in court. The problem is when people judging others and compare them to other people. People cannot be judge like that. Every person in the world are unique and need to be threaten as themself.

And how is that? My opinion is first judge they habit, then judge how they think, then judge how they react. Don't just blindly judging. Better socialize with them. Ask things, be part with them. Then you can see them,The color and their thinking. Observe. I always advice myself not to see thing in one side or narrow minded. See from top, aerial view. See wide. And most of all, I will try not to judge with injustice mind. Clear mind and clear perspective.

Then you'll see human is just human. People is just people. Superior man is people that do extra effort and manage their mind. That make them success.

People will do mistakes. No offence. Everybody does, everybody did. The thing is how people manage with the mistakes. Mistakes are subjective. Some mistakes is not count as one in other place. That makes it more subjective. Think.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Esok ku ditakdirkan travel ke Limbang. Hari Jumaat mun mok travel tok, rasa sik best. dah la mok travel ke Limbang. Macam2 jak concern yang akan timbul. Macam2 jak rasa sik best timbul. Bukan nya mok merepak atau merungut, tp ya la hakikat nya. Hari Jumaat tok mun bagi muslim, hari suci, sembahyang Jumaat hari Jumaat bah. ya sigek hal la. Mun gi travel jauh2 ya, lak payah la mok semayang.
Mun ke Limbang k darat time ari jemat juak, jem. Hmm bukan la jem tp queue panjang. Dengan org local mok keluar pegi bercuti weekend nya, dgn org Bruney mok keluar pun tujuan weekend nya, mcm2 hal juak la. Dah ya sigek yang sik best nya, andai la mun sangkut, mun kerja sik siap and terpaksa stay, kan makan weekend. Parah. hehehehe tp ya la hakikat nya kerja mcm tok. apa leh buat.
Bukan nya mok merepak atau merungut, anyway aku travel pun dibayar bah. Just ya la tek, obstacle nya ya yg sik berapa mok rajin ya. Mun nyuruh pegi weekdays, uish, anytime bah. Sik jadi hal pun. But, Life isnt Best without obstacle. Bye

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I was given a Blackberry device by my company as a tool recently. I guess it will be easier for me to update my blog but I end up wasting my time to find a blackberry apps to update my blog. Before this I have a mobile version of blog update in my previous phone but the line is not unlimited for data usage. I endup paying high bills so that is why  I seldomly update via mobile.
When this device received, it equipped with full unlimited plan for data usage, I thought it would be easier to browse and blogging. But for time being I need to load the whole page like I was using my desktop PC. So for a mobile user, it would be troublesome. All I can do is installing Opera Mini for my easier use for this update. Maybe later Ill try other things or gadget for this matter. Still finding time to check-in check-out this device.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When people weak, they will believe anything. I once heard it in a TV show. One strong quote to explain a lot of situation in life. That is why we need a strong mental believing in faith from when we once born.
Or else we will become weak person that believe what people want us to. Believing all the lies, buying all the product, they say jump and you say "how high". How high situation are commonly happen these days. People with no brainer but think they do have will try to change things that they can't. I wouldn't put all the blame to them alone but the merit also given to the people who give new false hope to them.
Weak mental with weak faith will lead these action. But afterall it was faith. Anything happen make sure your mental strong and your believing strong. Have faith, be grateful, and keep strong. Stay alive.

Thursday, January 6, 2011



As a child, she actively learn from her environment. She learn to stand up helped by the chair so that she can be higher. A child at this age will try to see in new perspective and new view. And so do Ain.She wanted to grab anything in her sight and taste it in her mouth. hehe, better watch out, at her age like this, extra care needed to avoid them from chocking things that aint right.  Some maybe hot or spices.

There is one time, that she grab spicy pepper out of supervision. She put in her mouth and some to her belly. And then she cry out loud of pain and hot. We panicked and try to help her out of the pain. We put ice, wash  her under running water. To see her with the red bruise from the spiciness just pain me in mind. That time , I try to just wipe her with ice cold to comfort her over and over again. Meanwhile, I keep remind her not to take the chilli or pepper again ever again. But, hard lesson paid, which until now, when she was told, spicy or hot, she would listen and avoid it by herself.

A reminder to all, when children at age where they really eager to know, they will explore very hard. They dont even know danger awaits. This is the crucial time, where parents really need to observe and monitor their little one extra care. You cannot stop then to learn the world but you can observe them to get what really matters.



I decided to design a lot of Ain's collage and publish here to the world. To see how fast she grew. To see her progress in life. It will be month by month progress picture. These picture taken in her 1st month, which occurs between 17th November 2008 - 16th December 2008. Mostly she sleep and feed. Easy to handle. 

See how cute she was back 2 years ago. How she takes her mom's face. Before she born, I was quite nervous how will I feel when she born. How will I manage to keep her, How this and how that. A lot of questions popping out of my head, one by one that might terrify me to the world of parenting. But I took it simply, as I always do. With no murk in my face and act like I already knew. I read and observe., but yet I am not telling that. For sure I learn from my surrounding how to manage all my questioning. I used my best ability, to copy-cat, in this situation well. And I am lucky to have Ain that really have minimal problem. Grateful and thankful to the almighty Allah. 

For the first time, I say, it is not really hard. I can take this. It also thanks to my lovely wife which learned from the best. She really knew to adapt in her first parenting experiences. She manage to get this from her mother and her before siblings. A month past, and we manage to get it well.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

PTPTN - kenapa menghukum yg membayar?

Tersiksa, Masalah, Dugaan, Penyakit, Parah, Durjana etc .. macam2 perihal PTPTN yang difeedback oleh org masa tok. Bagi yang mengambilnya lamak dolok so menjadi masalah la masa tok. Bagi yang udah tauk perihal masalah yang ditimbulkan PTPTN, maka berhati2 dengan masalah tok.

Aku bersyukur masa aku memerlukan bantuan kewangan, tiba datang PTPTN menghulur bantuan. Memang dialu2kan la bantuan ya. Dari kerajaan lagi, maka terus la bersyukur dan terasa kerajaan membantu. Bagus Bagus bagus. Rendah jak interest, boleh boleh boleh bayar. Rm 152.40 jak sebulan. Murah dari mana2 loan la. BAgus. Klau ada rezeki lebih boleh bayar sekali gus. Ya la pemikiran masa ambik PTPTN. Uish nang bagus PTPTN la. Semua rakan2 pun ambik. Bagi yang cemerlang jak ambik biasiswa, dah cdak bagus n cemerlang. 

Lepas dari universiti, bukan sik mok bayar, tapi kerja lom dpt, kerja la macam2 yg ada. Kerja jadi kuli, jadi salesman, jadi tukan buat air di gerai, hmm sapa kata memilih kerja?? adala kata2 dibelakang, then baru la dpt kerja. Ambik I.T so kerja IT. Gaji? hahahahaha LEpasan Ijazah la, graduan fresh.. RM1K jak ok? tolak tolak tolak, dpt la rm886. Bole la, tapi ya kerja kalau masih diam di umah mak bapak la. makan minum mak bapak beli, api air bibayar. Bole la tolong sekali sekala. Sekali diam jauh dari tempat kerja. mcm mana? terpaksa la beli kereta paling murah, iaitu Perodua Kancil 2nd hand. Bole la, ada lah dalam rm360 sebulan. 

Aik, PTPTN? bayar bos, rm50 sebulan mampu la. Tapi masih tak lupa wooo PTPTN ba itu. then setahun kerja dpat la kerja yang pro sikit. Gaji pun naik, dpt la bayar penuh. Potong gaji lagi. BAyar cun. tak putus. Tapi satu masalah, Rupanya walaupun bayar kecil2an, dia tetap ada bunga, bunga itu tertunggak, sekarang jadi menggila. ari tu masa satu 2 tahun tak kasi tahu dia beranak itu macam. bila dah tahap mok muntah, baru la kasi tahu. even dah tambah bayar jadi rm200 sebulan la, sbb gaji dah naik sikit. tapi itu tertunggak menggila, mana saya mau bayar sekali?

Itu la mula merungut, apa la yg saya bayar selama ini? smpai bila la mau bayar ni? apa la jadi macam ni? kalau dia punya INDUK dpt byr abis pun kalau yg tertunggak itu naik semakin hari semakin naik, macam mana? damn, bila call itu number call center tak pernah nya ada org angkat. Itu la keluhan saya terhadap PTPTN. Buukan saya tak bayar , bayar. saya tahu ramai lagi yg tak bayar, kenapa saya menjadi org yg dihukum?  kenapa tak cari org yg tak bayar sehingga mereka bayar? damn.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


(refer here or here)
One of my oldest interest. I started read its manga about 10 years ago. It is about one boy name Monkey D Luffy who crave to be a pirate king in pirate ages. His ambition for Pirate King title very enormous and moving. Red Haired Shank, who has inspire him to be a good pirate which not just rob and kill anonymous people in the sea. Shank which turn into one of 4 Yonkou (The Yonkou are the four (currently three) great pirates who rule the second half of the Grand Line (known as the "New World") has land to Luffy's island about 12 years ago when Luffy still age 8 and really influenced Luffy.

 One day, Shank's team has discover one of thousands Devil's fruit which give the eater unusual power and this one named as Gum Gum fruit. This fruit has been eaten by Luffy by accident and gave him Rubber Power ability but in return, the eater of Devils fruit will become 'hammer' to the sea. They will never can swim. There are so many devil's fruit user in the vast sea Luffy met when he set sail 10 years after the heroic incident happened between he and Shank. The adventure become more exciting when he met his crewmate from time to time. Every one of them has different story and vow to the Nakama-ship.

The journey still carry on from time to time, from manga (1999/2000) then I started to watch its anime since 2003/2004 until now which never fail to impress me. The story really moved me and give me new perspective in life. Luffy characteristic is very 'simpleton' in action but in mind he bear big responsiblities to his crewmates. Powerful yet playful and fun and happy. Take light in every things but serious is his responsible.His crewmate respect his as captain. 

His first crewmate is Roronoa Zorro, which entitle as Great Pirate Hunter from East Blue Sea, same sea as Luffy, the weakest sea from all seas. His ambition make him follows Luffy, his ambition to be The Greadt Swordman of the world. He even recognized by the great swordman Dracule 'Hawkeyes' Mihawk which also a shichibukai at that time. They start find them other crewmates one-by-one, Nami the Navigator, Usopp the Sniper, Sanji the Black Leg Chef, Tony-Tony Chopper the Doctor, Nico Robin the Archeologist, Franky the shipwright and Brooke the musician, respectively. They gave they name as The Straw Hat Pirate or Mugiwara Pirate in Japan. The straw hat is referred to the one which Luffy wears since given by Shank. They have fought a lot of evil and bad person for they own reasons. In this team, Chopper, Nico Robin and Brooke also a devil's fruit user.

They begin to build respect all over the world by doing several random action, which helped by several respectful names in the worlds. The manga still carry on up till now, read here if interested. It has been up to episode 609 if you wanted to start it now and the anime reach episode 500 maybe. I downloaded it from torrent site right now. My download still episode 470's and I have a long way to collect them all.  

Onepiece still one of my oldest interest and still going. Good job Eichiro Oda for a great fine adventure story.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Lamak sik main badminton sehingga tangan bergegar. Salu main memang main-main jak. Sikda sapa serius, kalau main serius org lain sik serius sik guna juak. Tapi ari tok main ngan flock org berbeza, lain class lain skill, memang sakit. Tapi enjoy. Fun n exciting. Skillful la cdak main ya tek.
Tapi aku tetap juak main walaupun kalau n pinggang terkelendat dah sbb permainan begitu mengujakan. Hahaha rasa sik mok stop. Perlu selalu training la mun macam tok. K, out.


PATRIOTIC. What do I think bout it? I have lot of definition for it, referring to wiki, referring to dictionaries And maybe some people too. Peoples eventually has they own way to define patriotism. And I also do. Patriotic is something about doing something for your country. I do think I am patriotic. But yes, in my own way.
   What is my contribution? What do I do? Yes, I am nobody. Not a body that usually contribute to any body. So how am I going to say I am patriotic. Here, I really cannot do anything. Barely do for myself. I am not rich to give money. I am not in soldiers to fight for terrorism, I am not even in any field force uniforms, no hero and not even working for the government and eventually not in politic. But yet, I am still a patriotic. How?

It is just my thought, I bought nation brand fuel, so that they can help our own children to success. That what I thought, just keep aside the politic and stand the brand. I am not helping the piracy. I dont buy pirated software or pirated music or movies. I just download it hahahaha.. Sick mind? Naa.. I help our own local internet company. I pay them monthly without fail. That is what I thought. Maybe you cannot follow my kind of patriotisme. It is wicked. My thought is, if I go to movies to watch foreigner movie, the money will travel out. So why not I just download it from the foreigner it self. Come to holiday, I enjoy our own local delicacies and places. I can think a lot of this wicked patriotisme in mind, How bout you, can you think of thhis kind of patriotisme?


Saturday, January 1, 2011


2010 may leave you today, whether you like it or not, and our yearly event will come again and again. 365 days a year will rotate just wait you to fill in the blanks. Cherish it , enjoy it while it still last. 
Live your lively lives with all your heart and joy. 
Happy New Year.. peeps ..