Thursday, January 6, 2011



I decided to design a lot of Ain's collage and publish here to the world. To see how fast she grew. To see her progress in life. It will be month by month progress picture. These picture taken in her 1st month, which occurs between 17th November 2008 - 16th December 2008. Mostly she sleep and feed. Easy to handle. 

See how cute she was back 2 years ago. How she takes her mom's face. Before she born, I was quite nervous how will I feel when she born. How will I manage to keep her, How this and how that. A lot of questions popping out of my head, one by one that might terrify me to the world of parenting. But I took it simply, as I always do. With no murk in my face and act like I already knew. I read and observe., but yet I am not telling that. For sure I learn from my surrounding how to manage all my questioning. I used my best ability, to copy-cat, in this situation well. And I am lucky to have Ain that really have minimal problem. Grateful and thankful to the almighty Allah. 

For the first time, I say, it is not really hard. I can take this. It also thanks to my lovely wife which learned from the best. She really knew to adapt in her first parenting experiences. She manage to get this from her mother and her before siblings. A month past, and we manage to get it well.

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