Thursday, January 27, 2011


I was given a Blackberry device by my company as a tool recently. I guess it will be easier for me to update my blog but I end up wasting my time to find a blackberry apps to update my blog. Before this I have a mobile version of blog update in my previous phone but the line is not unlimited for data usage. I endup paying high bills so that is why  I seldomly update via mobile.
When this device received, it equipped with full unlimited plan for data usage, I thought it would be easier to browse and blogging. But for time being I need to load the whole page like I was using my desktop PC. So for a mobile user, it would be troublesome. All I can do is installing Opera Mini for my easier use for this update. Maybe later Ill try other things or gadget for this matter. Still finding time to check-in check-out this device.


  1. Download Whatapps juak supaya dapat free smsm sesama iphone user juak..kakya, beli BB juak untuk Saf..hehe

  2. how to whatapps? lak chekc it out la.. thanks sheilla.