Thursday, January 6, 2011



As a child, she actively learn from her environment. She learn to stand up helped by the chair so that she can be higher. A child at this age will try to see in new perspective and new view. And so do Ain.She wanted to grab anything in her sight and taste it in her mouth. hehe, better watch out, at her age like this, extra care needed to avoid them from chocking things that aint right.  Some maybe hot or spices.

There is one time, that she grab spicy pepper out of supervision. She put in her mouth and some to her belly. And then she cry out loud of pain and hot. We panicked and try to help her out of the pain. We put ice, wash  her under running water. To see her with the red bruise from the spiciness just pain me in mind. That time , I try to just wipe her with ice cold to comfort her over and over again. Meanwhile, I keep remind her not to take the chilli or pepper again ever again. But, hard lesson paid, which until now, when she was told, spicy or hot, she would listen and avoid it by herself.

A reminder to all, when children at age where they really eager to know, they will explore very hard. They dont even know danger awaits. This is the crucial time, where parents really need to observe and monitor their little one extra care. You cannot stop then to learn the world but you can observe them to get what really matters.

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