Monday, January 3, 2011


PATRIOTIC. What do I think bout it? I have lot of definition for it, referring to wiki, referring to dictionaries And maybe some people too. Peoples eventually has they own way to define patriotism. And I also do. Patriotic is something about doing something for your country. I do think I am patriotic. But yes, in my own way.
   What is my contribution? What do I do? Yes, I am nobody. Not a body that usually contribute to any body. So how am I going to say I am patriotic. Here, I really cannot do anything. Barely do for myself. I am not rich to give money. I am not in soldiers to fight for terrorism, I am not even in any field force uniforms, no hero and not even working for the government and eventually not in politic. But yet, I am still a patriotic. How?

It is just my thought, I bought nation brand fuel, so that they can help our own children to success. That what I thought, just keep aside the politic and stand the brand. I am not helping the piracy. I dont buy pirated software or pirated music or movies. I just download it hahahaha.. Sick mind? Naa.. I help our own local internet company. I pay them monthly without fail. That is what I thought. Maybe you cannot follow my kind of patriotisme. It is wicked. My thought is, if I go to movies to watch foreigner movie, the money will travel out. So why not I just download it from the foreigner it self. Come to holiday, I enjoy our own local delicacies and places. I can think a lot of this wicked patriotisme in mind, How bout you, can you think of thhis kind of patriotisme?


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