Saturday, January 29, 2011


As I like to say, accepting human as human. People is indeed people. Human is indeed human. What I mean is human/people have desire, have hate, have lust, have positive attribute and also have negativity. I really mean it. People are not perfect at all. When they have positive attribute doesn't mean they are angel and without any darkside. They may have darkside which they hide. The matter is how they manage to keep their bad attributes and how bad their negativity.

You cannot hope people to be perfect to you when you yourself cannot be one. When judging people, clear your mind and never put sides. Don't side a people you want to judge, keep yourself as the judge in court. The problem is when people judging others and compare them to other people. People cannot be judge like that. Every person in the world are unique and need to be threaten as themself.

And how is that? My opinion is first judge they habit, then judge how they think, then judge how they react. Don't just blindly judging. Better socialize with them. Ask things, be part with them. Then you can see them,The color and their thinking. Observe. I always advice myself not to see thing in one side or narrow minded. See from top, aerial view. See wide. And most of all, I will try not to judge with injustice mind. Clear mind and clear perspective.

Then you'll see human is just human. People is just people. Superior man is people that do extra effort and manage their mind. That make them success.

People will do mistakes. No offence. Everybody does, everybody did. The thing is how people manage with the mistakes. Mistakes are subjective. Some mistakes is not count as one in other place. That makes it more subjective. Think.

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