Friday, February 11, 2011


   There are two kinds of people in this world. There are do-ers and other is talker. Simply say, doer is the one who actually do things, create things, creative, innovative, act and re-act, DO things or walk the talk and come with 'did and done' after that. Even sometime their action is wrong. And talker is the one who just talk, maybe talented or gifted to just talk. Maybe trash talk to motivation talk, but it is just talk with sound and noises. ha-ha, i am not going to judge you or judge any of these kinds of people, for good or bad, true or wrong, nice or rude between these two.
   But I am going to tell about another kind of people who actually exist in between these two. Believe it? Gotta believe it though. There are people who not really talk or even not really do. Not gifted with talk mechanism and also not gifted with do skills. These people I called 'watcher'. They do watched other people. They not actually talk bout what they do and not actually done a lot for themselves. They learn from observing the nature of people, the environment and the world. Then actually they act to just avoid the one that they feel not save. Their action is just a save hand and not involve in heavy crisis in between peoples. It is like when you play a maze, where a lot of obstacle in path, you will play it to turn around and move another way to save path for the point of objective. The watcher guy is this kind of behavior.
   They do think what best for themselves and even for others, but they wouldn't talk it. They would keep it until it just forgotten. Maybe it sound selfish, but as I say, they are not equipped with talk mechanism. They don't know to talk out of it.One other reason is, even they talk it out, public will here it sound as rubbish. Even talk itself, need talent and people who gifted can have a good talk. Other would listen. For a non talker, people wouldn't listen. And for a do skill, this guy will only have maybe has one or non expertise. He may have a basic in some skills required. Enough for him to get food on his table for his wife and kid. The real do-er is the one when he did, will impact, for him and for all. 
    As I say, action is subjective. It has never bound with right and wrong. Sometimes, right action you do (as you thought so) can become wrong to other people. And wrong doing also can be right to other as well. It is subjective. Same as talk. To many talk may lead to destruction, but the motivation talk also sooo many words but it lead to goodness. It is also subjective. Improvise. 

Talk the Walk? Walk the Talk? Walk Walk Walk? or Talk Talk Talk? or just Watch Silently.... 
Pick and choose. It is your choice.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


A phrase that makes me laugh.. Dont judge a book from its cover. One oldest phrase of all time. Created by our elderly. It comes in many languages, many version, all the same meaning. Why am I laughing at this good phrase? You know why? Because, I dont think people do what they says. Even those elderly. 

All people do is the contrary exactly the word different. People do judge a book from its cover. Maybe to read a book, they might read the synopsis first and not judging from its cover. But it is literally the book. What the phrase given here is book that refer to human. The people we try to judge. And it is always start with looks. ah-ha. Funny human. Funny elderly and yet they ask the young to do what they do contrary. Isn't it unfair and a little bulls*it. ah-ha. As I like to say, people has unique way to save themselves, to feel save, that is why this phrase appear in their mind. They dont want people to judge them by they hideous look (in and out hehe ;p)  but yet they judge other people out of their freaking mind just from others looks. 

And it is very disturbing, when I, myself apply this word for myself. Very disappointing when I, myself feel betrayed by my own kind to just applying this practice. How naive that I will really meet these kind of people that would judge people not from its cover.

*too bad is it..* it is rare *

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Internet, broadband, telcos, 3G etc of all technology services and provider has claimed their product the best. But how far its true?

I work for a one third-party service provider company where I accidentally knew secrets about major provider. You can give up to 2M service to your customer but the  real speed is not actually 2M. It is because you can only give the 'number' to the customer. Just imagine, previous infrastructure was build up for maximum 1M speed, how can you just upgrade the speed using software upgrade up to 2M. The hardware for the service actually cannot mount to it. That is actually happen here in Sarawak mostly.

That is why, some times I thanks the thieves who steal this telcos copper wires severally which lead these fellow telcos to change their wire to Fibre Optic. Which much better and reliable for actual speed which the customer paid. I knew this from the telco staff himself. Even the number state 2M doesn't mean the service actually 2M. Because you as user can feel, if 1M service acts like X, and 2M must be speed as 2 times X. Simple calculation. X is refer to the time to browse one page. And if you feel the X still the same, it is not as 2M at all. Even it is stated there 2M service. That's mean 'you are punked!!!" Haha.

Also same to 3G service, if the service feel like 2G. Aha... For some reason, it is 2G. Ask fellow foreigner, how they feel about 3G. Our here is actually not 3G. Not 2M. It is all prank. Damn.

Liars. Thieves. Bullshits.