Thursday, February 10, 2011


A phrase that makes me laugh.. Dont judge a book from its cover. One oldest phrase of all time. Created by our elderly. It comes in many languages, many version, all the same meaning. Why am I laughing at this good phrase? You know why? Because, I dont think people do what they says. Even those elderly. 

All people do is the contrary exactly the word different. People do judge a book from its cover. Maybe to read a book, they might read the synopsis first and not judging from its cover. But it is literally the book. What the phrase given here is book that refer to human. The people we try to judge. And it is always start with looks. ah-ha. Funny human. Funny elderly and yet they ask the young to do what they do contrary. Isn't it unfair and a little bulls*it. ah-ha. As I like to say, people has unique way to save themselves, to feel save, that is why this phrase appear in their mind. They dont want people to judge them by they hideous look (in and out hehe ;p)  but yet they judge other people out of their freaking mind just from others looks. 

And it is very disturbing, when I, myself apply this word for myself. Very disappointing when I, myself feel betrayed by my own kind to just applying this practice. How naive that I will really meet these kind of people that would judge people not from its cover.

*too bad is it..* it is rare *

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