Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Internet, broadband, telcos, 3G etc of all technology services and provider has claimed their product the best. But how far its true?

I work for a one third-party service provider company where I accidentally knew secrets about major provider. You can give up to 2M service to your customer but the  real speed is not actually 2M. It is because you can only give the 'number' to the customer. Just imagine, previous infrastructure was build up for maximum 1M speed, how can you just upgrade the speed using software upgrade up to 2M. The hardware for the service actually cannot mount to it. That is actually happen here in Sarawak mostly.

That is why, some times I thanks the thieves who steal this telcos copper wires severally which lead these fellow telcos to change their wire to Fibre Optic. Which much better and reliable for actual speed which the customer paid. I knew this from the telco staff himself. Even the number state 2M doesn't mean the service actually 2M. Because you as user can feel, if 1M service acts like X, and 2M must be speed as 2 times X. Simple calculation. X is refer to the time to browse one page. And if you feel the X still the same, it is not as 2M at all. Even it is stated there 2M service. That's mean 'you are punked!!!" Haha.

Also same to 3G service, if the service feel like 2G. Aha... For some reason, it is 2G. Ask fellow foreigner, how they feel about 3G. Our here is actually not 3G. Not 2M. It is all prank. Damn.

Liars. Thieves. Bullshits.

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